Fondazione Telethon (FT) and Centro Cardiologico Monzino (CCM) are pleased to announce a joint initiative aiming at soliciting cutting-edge projects in the field of genetic cardiovascular diseases, conducted by outstanding postdocs. Research will be conducted at the CCM for a 3-year period.

CCM is the first hospital in Europe entirely and exclusively devoted to cardiovascular diseases. Since 1992, CCM has provided an intellectual home and a critical mass of researchers pursuing translational research. The research model foresees constant interaction between basic and clinical research to provide data and results that can be tangibly applied to patients.

FT is an Italian non-profit organization with the mission of advancing biomedical research towards the treatment of rare genetic diseases. Thanks to fundraising activities, FT guarantees the necessary resources for research projects through several funding schemes.

Eligible projects

The burden of cardiovascular disease has greatly decreased thanks to recent pharmacological and surgical advances, but for many cardiovascular genetic disorders effective treatment options are still very limited. The employment of advanced therapies, as defined by EMA ( is largely unexplored in the field, while having the potential of providing an additional therapeutic option when conventional treatment is ineffective. Besides, genetic diseases often represent a forerunner for the development of key knowledge and research into novel advanced therapies that could then be applied to more common diseases.

The present call aims at funding translational research projects targeting genetic cardiovascular diseases. Projects will have a specific focus on advanced therapies. Projects aiming at validating a proof of concept (PoC) for a translatable gene therapy approach will be prioritized.

Eligible applicants

This Call for applications is intended for Italian and foreign candidates who have completed at least one postdoctoral training showing extraordinary promise and who are ready for a transition to an independent research position. Generally, the most recent doctoral degree (PhD, MD, or equivalent) will have been received at least 3 years before the application is submitted and the candidate will not have reached 40 years of age at the time of call closing. A background in advanced therapies is highly preferred. Two (2) recommendation references assessing the scientific abilities and potential of the applicant must be provided.

At the time of submission, applicants can be affiliated with any Host Institution including affiliation within Telethon’s Research Institutes (TIGEM, SR-TIGET, and DTI).

The candidate will carry on her/his project independently, within the CCM Research Programs and Units, and will be mentored by the Scientific Director. During the project development the selected researcher will be evaluated for future possible recruitment within the CCM research staff after the 3-years period.

Budget and duration

Budget up to 350,000 Euros for 3 years can be requested. This includes a salary up to 150,000 Euros for 3 years based on relevant postdoctoral experience. Salary support for additional staff is not allowed. The candidate will have free access to all the internal facilities (consumables only will be charged). 

Please note that master's students from University of Milan or Politecnico of Milan can contribute to the project with one-year internships.

Please note the following Deadlines

Online Application Forms are available on the Telethon grants portal (

Application Submission Deadline: 31 January 2022.


For more information, please send an email to:

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